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by Mike Anton

Back in the halcyon days of 2006, I fancied myself a writer, director, and begrudging actor in Bust, a short film that told a visual story that did not exactly match up with the protagonist's recounting of that previous night's fling. It was difficult to snag actors for our shoots (while casting another short film, a kid from the school's acting program walked out on us in the middle of the audition; this is where I cross my arms and say "he wouldn't have gotten the part anyway" before kicking at imaginary dirt on a tile floor). And, considering the...shall we say physicality of the part, I couldn't force anyone else to act like such an ass. So here I am, literally bearing myself to you people

Film was shot on Tri-X with obviously minimal lighting. It was done for effect. Yeah, that's the ticket....

You can see my nipple make its feature film debut in the recently-shot feature film, Catskill Park.

Note: the sound mix at the end (1:37) gets incredibly high because Avid scared me at first. Language rated: NSFW


Mike Anton is the Editor-In-Chief at The Inclusive. Mike writes movie reviews and interview pieces for The Film Stage as well as screenplays, sketches, and the like. He lives in New York City and though he's an avid beard and flannel enthusiast, he does not consider himself a hipster. Contact him at mike.anton[at] or @mpants