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In The End...

by News Team

Business - Return of the Eurozone

We’re going to continue talking about the eurozone crisis because it is by far the most important thing going on. Go ahead, yawn. We will wait.... So there’s some progress, but then not so much. Yup, just like last time. The results, however, could have impact on your daily life. Due to the continued inability for European leaders to actually address the issues, the Euro fell below $1.30 for the first time in almost a year. It’s right around that level now. This means that US exports become more expensive and less attractive to Europe, widening our trade gap. It also means that investors have a lot more confidence in the US economy than the European one. Downside, less demand for our products. Upside, European vacations are becoming cheaper by the day.

Domestic - For Fuck's Sake

Nearly one in five women have been raped or been the victim of an attempted rape and one in four women have been subject to domestic abuse, according to an exhaustive government study released this week. These numbers reflect markedly higher rates than earlier estimates and point to a long-understood problem that sexual assaults are drastically under-reported. The news garnered some attention from major media outlets, but otherwise fell out of the public debate. This is particularly troublesome as we enter an election season in which women’s issues, particularly abortion for women who have been raped, will continue to be an important issue among voters.

Political - A Kick in the Caucus

Iowa or bust! The Republicans are packing up the campaign circus and heading to the cornfields of Iowa to try to woo voters to cast their ballots in his or her favor in the January 3 caucus. It seems to be a two horse race between Romney and Gingrich, but Ron Paul has been polling surprisingly well. The political machine has really rolled into town with TV and local media market advertising spending running into the millions. Though often not a swing state in the general election, it is seen as the beginning of the official election season -- this year starting earlier than usual -- though New Hampshire follows soon after.

International - Start Playing Diddy's "Coming Home"

The war in Iraq is over. Been there, done that, right? Apparently now, despite the last troops “leaving” about four times, the operation has been ended. During a ceremony on Thursday, Leon Panetta, defense secretary, said, “Challenges remain, but the U.S. will be there to stand by the Iraqi people as they navigate those challenges to build a stronger and more prosperous nation.” The US army and US officials are now out of the country in an official capacity, though advisory roles are likely to remain. Since 2003, nearly 4,500 Americans have been killed and more than 32,000 wounded.

Culture - Google and Google and Yeah!

Top Google searches of 2011 - Rebecca Black. Rebecca Fucking Black. That’s the top Google search of 2011. In a year that saw incredible news like the death of Steve Jobs (who is ninth), possible economic destruction thanks to European sovereign debt, and some of the most bitter partisan politics in the history of the US, the so-bad-it’s-good auto-tuned-to-hell day-of-the-week-reciting viral video star was the most Googled subject of the year. It is Friday after all. And if that’s not enough, Apple has three of the top 10 spots: the aforementioned Jobs, the iPhone 5 (a device that does not yet exist), and the iPad 2.

Image courtesy of The U.S. Army

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