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Holiday Tunes

by Wes Grady

Nothing like a good Christmas song to get you in the spirit. Just after Thanksgiving, these gems hit the sound waves, just like clockwork. While scouring the ultraweb the other day, I found this bracket of the worst Christmas songs. Can't believe Jim Jones and N*Sync Christmas albums didn't make it. Instead, all the songs that take me back to being a young Santa-believing lad did. Most of them are from the 80's and each hold a special place in my heart. Sit back and enjoy.

When the greatest Christmas hits cassette tape went missing from my house, it was up to me to find (download) all those wonderful songs. After hours of listening to WCBS-FM oldies and Googling I have retained almost all of the songs. Luckily Wham! (aka the band George Michaels was in before he was George Michaels) only has one other hit so they were easy to scratch off the list.

Notable comment: Why is Poland all over over youtube? They 've conquered it! - xrixara


I didn't forget Mariah Carey, I just can't hear that song anymore. But to make up for it I have The Waitresses.


Notable comment: hooks everywhere, tons of spirit, and BASS to die for. - KowankoMusic


This following song makes me want to get blitzed, put on a snow suit, and stare at the stars. It has a real tranquil feeling to it and as a kid I remember feeling tired after hearing it. Maybe it's some subliminal messages from 1979 putting your kids in a trance.


Notable comment: The definitive melodic quintessence of Christmas. - exposingbuffoons


Jim Jones really took it too far with Have A Merry Dipset Christmas, remixing every Christmas classic. The only ballin on Christmas I'm doing is meatballin, but it's defintely worth a listen if you haven't heard it. Run D.M.C. may not have made the first Christmas rap song, but its the only one worth mentioning.


Notable comment: even though this is a Christmas song, i can listen to it any time of the year. - lmucci1097


Last but certainly not least, my favorite Christmas song. So good you can blast it in July and still jam out. Band Aid is a supergroup of English and Irish musicians (with a few Americans in there somewhere) raising money and awareness for the less fortunate Ethiopians. If you're in the holiday spirit, page down and don't watch the video. It looks like a Sally Struthers commercial. Thank god there's no Sarah McLachlan in the background. Gets me every time.


Notable comment: I've never seen so many mullets in one place - CastleknockDarragh2

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