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What $7.7 Trillion Looks Like

by Nate Smith

In December, Bloomberg News revealed the existence of a second bank bailout program, separate from the well-know TARP bailout; one kept secret from legislators and the public, which totaled $7.77 trillion in lending limits and loan guarantees. The US government did not spend the full $7.77 trillion bailing out banks for a second (or third...or fourth...) time; that amount was the maximum allowed under the program. And most of the loans have been repaid or are in the process of being repaid.

However, the $7.77 trillion figure undoubtedly made headlines, an incredibly large number hard to fully grasp, one not helped by the secrecy of the program or the fact that struggling banks reaped a profit from these federal loans. Below are two infographics which try to put that incredibly large number the government is willing to loan out to our banks in context.  



Source List
• $7.77 trillion bailout

• Estimated Cost of War in Iraq ($3.2 trillion)

• FY 2011 Federal Budget Deficit ($1.3 trillion)

• Projected Cost of Obamacare 2012-2021 ($1.13 trillion)

• Total Outstanding Student Loan Debt ($1 trillion) (additional)

• TARP Bailout ($700 billion)

• 2011 Walmart Net Sales ($419 billion)

Distance to Moon

• Height of dollar bill

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