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You're Invited!

by Sean Curry

Dance Grad Show!
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: 7:30 PM
Ending: 8:30 PM

Hey guys! As you might know, I've been taking a modern dance class for the past few months. I've learned so much from Ms. Becki Lauriston and have been super-proud to call her my teacher, and I've made some great friends over the course of the class! Anyway, we have our graduation show coming up next Tuesday at the historic Blanchemont Theater downtown, under the Starbucks at the corner of Pierpont Ave and 67th St. Free show, and only one hour! Come join us after for some cheap drinks!

Becki Lauriston's Modern Dance 302 Class Performance
Blanchemont Theater
342 Pierpont Ave (corner of Pierpont and 67th)


Dance Showcase
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: 8:30 PM
Ending: 10:00 PM

Hey all... Thanks to everyone who came out last week! We had a great time performing for you and showing you everything we learned over the course of our class! Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it, but good news for the people that weren't! Myself and a few of my classmates have been asked to perform in an independent show Becki is helping to produce this Thursday! We're very excited about it and hope this will give you all a chance to come out and see what I've been doing in place of pursuing a traditional career. Also at the underground Blanchemont! Sure to be a lot of fun, and plenty of time to socialize after!

Beauty Through Form
Blanchemont Theater
342 Pierpont Ave (corner of Pierpont and 67th)


Indie Show
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: 10:00 PM
Ending: 12:30 AM

So last night’s show was unfortunately cancelled. Becki had to pull the plug on the show once she got the deal she’d been holding out for in LA, and left town without a warning or anything. At least, I think she pulled the plug, she didn’t respond to any texts or calls yesterday, and she wasn’t at the venue when I got there. And neither were any of you, but... hey! How could you all have known it’d be cancelled? Heh. Heh heh heh...

Anyway, we’re having our next show as a dance group on Wednesday at 10:00. This one’s unfortunately not at Blanchemont, but it’s still great! We’ll be performing in a room behind the bar at Spicy McTuna’s on 98th. Sure, it’s not a basement, but hey! It’s the back room of a bar. Adventure awaits! Come on out, half-off drinks for anyone who mentions the show’s name to the bartender!

Spicy McTuna’s
989 78th St


Another Dance Show
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: 12:30 PM
Ending: 2:30 PM

So no one came to the last show, unless some of you are on the other teams and didn’t tell me! Because those were the only people who ended up being in the audience, dancers who were performing earlier or later in the show than me. It’s a surreal experience to put on a show for an audience that’s also in the show....

But anyway, we’ve got another one lined up! So you guys can still make it out to one if you haven’t yet. This one’s this coming Monday, from 12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon. I know, that’s a “work day”, but hey! None of us dancers have day jobs! So use one of those vacation days or lunch breaks or whatever you guys call them (it’s tough for us performance-types to call it a “lunch” break when most of us are just waking up in time to have it) and come hang out in the middle of a workweek afternoon!

The Todd’s Living Room Stage
677 Lincoln Rd, Apartment 5F
Ring the buzzer marked “Todd”, wait for an answer, then explain you’re here for the show


Alecsa’s First Show!
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: Just after you get off work
Ending: Just after you could show up fashionably late to that killer party your work friend was telling you about

OK, thanks to whoever looked up last month’s venue before coming out to it. I guess you guys were right, it is pretty weird to have a stage in a person’s apartment, regardless of whether he’s a producer. Sometimes, I just get a little worked up and run down and will just take any performance opportunity that comes along, because who knows how much longer they’ll keep coming...?

Heh! Anyway! Tears or not, I won’t be put down! Instead of waiting for a show to come my way, I’m putting together my own! That’s right, this Friday at The Brook and The Bramble for four hours, I’ll be putting together a little modern-performance/dance-art show that I’d love to see everyone at who hasn’t been to a show yet (but I’d still love you guys to come too, Mom and Dad). I’ve got my own dance team, The Renegade Raconteurs, as well as the afro-space-fusion percussive foot stamps of Ms. Erdukya Boulivant alongside the blasts of the Garbage Can Orchestra. Finally, an improv comedy set from Mr. Fahrenheit to end out the night! Look forward to seeing you guys.

The Brook and The Bramble
56 Victoria Blvd
This one’s pretty easy to get to, guys, even if it is a bit far from the city. Just hop on the train, take it to Rushing Meadows, transfer to the 78 Bus Line westbound for an hour until you get to the Columbus Blvd stop. Then get off, hail a cab, and tell him to take you to Victoria Blvd and Johnson Ave. Once you get out, look for “The rook and he Bra ble”- the bar’s sign has a few lights missing. But you can’t miss it.

And ladies, hold onto your purses tight once you get out of the cab. But it’ll be fun! Can’t wait to see you guys!


Wherever, Whatever
Public Event | By Alecsa Kournitavos

Starting: Now
Ending: Never

Well, I got that message pretty loud and clear, folks. You know, I had to pay money to rent the space out, and I wasn’t even asking for you to pay an admission! But none of you could come, not even for four hours of experimental dance theatre. I’m sorry, guys, I was just trying to expose you to free modern art.

So, whatever. You guys probably thought this would get me to stop, didn’t you? You thought that if you banded together and made me feel foolish, maybe I’d stop with these shows and everything? Too bad, jerks. I’m bringing the show to you, wherever you are. I’m just going to start showing up at your work in my costumes, because real life is now my stage. Family dinners, dates, weddings, funerals -- no life situation is too off-limits for my art, now that I’m unleashing myself. Or the lot of you could just come to one of my DAMN SHOWS, you UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH BITCHES!


Alecsa Kournitavos | Five minutes ago
Hey all, if you just received six invites to my old dance shows in a row, ignore them. You don’t even have to read them. I just realized Facebook never actually sent them out until just now, so they might seem odd to some of you. Seriously, don’t read them. But hey, show this Sunday at The Brook and The Bramble! Hope to see you!

...seriously, though. Just delete those invitations, kay?

Image courtesy of TheFinalRound

Sean Curry is a writer, funny guy, and terrific dancer. He is 26 and a quarter and next year he gets to walk all the way to the store by himself. He resides in New York City with his wife and eleven dogs, and he even has a website: