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For The Real Americans

by Mike Anton

On March 24, 1991, 16,158 spectators inside the closed roof of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena – coupled with an untold number watching live around the world – bore witness to a fight for America's very soul. Hulk Hogan, as patriotic as apple pie laced with anabolic steroids, took on the honor of our country in his fight against the turncoat Sgt. Slaughter, who had recently taken the WWF championship belt from his American barracks to the Iraqi side, aligning himself with the dastardly General Adnan. Presumably because he loves an underdog, or he's a man of god awful judgment. 

So on this Independence Day, think about what people fought for to create this great country, one that allows for an unending amount of tinkering which allows us to strive to be the greatest country in the world for as long as possible. 

Then forget all that and watch this wrestling match. 


Image courtesy of the excellently named fishbulb-suplex


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Mike Anton is the Editor-In-Chief at The Inclusive. Mike writes movie reviews and interview pieces for The Film Stage as well as screenplays, sketches, and the like. He lives in New York City and though he's an avid beard and flannel enthusiast, he does not consider himself a hipster. Contact him at mike.anton[at] or @mpants