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That's Clamtastic!

by Wes Grady

Today we're going to start off with my favorite video of the summer so far. "Clam eating salt on table" is the title and it pretty much says it all. The star is the titular clam, followed up by a great supporting turn by the salt. The clam is chilling on the table looking for somewhere to dig with its leg ... or actually eating the salt. Who knows? Who cares? If only a clam could talk. Funny how it does look like a salivating Gene Simmons tongue. 


Notable comment: Please do this again but this time stick some googly eyes to the clam...hilarity will follow quick and swift. - Mark Synth

Harkening back to last week's round-up, and I don't mean to be over-enthusiastic about a fireworks video, but this alternate view of San Diego's 2012 4th of July fail/epic fireworks extravaganza really shows what a kickass show they got. Kind of reminds me of what it would look like if the sun swallowed the Earth. Watch out: get those earbuds in as it's extremely loud.

Notable comment: MERICA - blinkyification

I swear, France's merry prankster Rémi Gaillard's latest video "Animal" doesn't harm any real animals. But it does feature amazing theme park-grade costumes on folks as they parade around the public wreaking havoc, as you would expect nothing less from the glorious Gaillard. Enjoy his Jackass-like humor while he fucks with the authorities to the tune of the Grady-approved soundtrack.

Notable comment: The only thing better than Remi is his lawyer - metakipol

Sharks are not known to eat humans; they only tear our limbs off. The chances are slim that you'll get attacked, or even see a shark in your lifetime, but that doesn't mean the ocean isn't a scary place. The reaction from some intracoastal fishermen/women is just priceless when baby Jaws sneaks up and snatches their catch o' the day.

Notable comment: "I got that on camara! Ahhhwooohooo!" XD - PoliSciTom

Love fast cars. Love San Francisco. Love this video of rally driver Ken Block shredding up the streets of San Fran. Just simply amazing what he can do with a Ford. You don't have to watch the whole video, but at least check out 3:45.

Notable comment: Please Hoon Responsibly - Holbrook002

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