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by IN Short

     Since a hundred years ago, the oddly-shaped island of Spurkleton has always been an empty and deserted place. No one knew what exactly had happened, but rumors have spread that it was haunted by demons. No one has ever sailed close to this feared place until recently, a year ago.

     A young and brave male under the name of Raynard had not known about the rumors and requested the crew to stop at the island one afternoon for ship reparation. He thought people lived there, but once they anchored Raynard realized this mass of land had been abandoned. Every structure was in ruins, and the grass was yellow and rough, lifeless.

     He ordered half of his men to remain close and explore the west side while the rest take care of the east. After three hours, the two groups met up where they anchored for discussion. The west party explained that there was nothing but broken architectures and dead grass. Strangely enough, some of the ruins also had puddles of water surrounding them.

     The island had a large gap that curved like a tilde and runs a thousand feet deep, all across most of the land with water flowing rapidly through. They suggested half of the island seems to be Yin and Yang shaped, which was deemed true. The east party discovered waterfalls running long down the gap from high portions of the island. Raynard's party had also found a long and narrow entrance to the second half of the island, but it was almost sundown, getting too late to continue further.

     With no fearsome encounters or actual proof, he and his men declared that a tsunami was most likely the cause of the destroyed area. They decided that the island was safe, and the town of Moonlit Hall was soon built.

     But rumors still spread, was it really safe?

     Blinding and warm heat flashed over my eyelids, causing me to squint as I awoke. My blue eyes were slowly exposed to the bright sunlight. I groaned, Mmnnu, it's morning already? The star's rays gleamed warm on my light, peach-colored face. Yawning and stretching, I threw my blanket off hastily and got ready for the new day.

     I fixed my bed and looked outside, grinning at all the people enjoying themselves in the warm spring air. Children were dancing around the city park and blowing bubbles, guards were laughing like no tomorrow, and families were having peaceful picnics. Without a second thought, I figured, Today's gonna be a good day! Excited, I dashed downstairs and burst out the door in a simple, blue-patterned and floral scarf spring dress.

     "Top o' the mornin' to you, good sir!" I swayed past a tall, elderly man's home. Ever since I moved to the beautiful large town of Spurkleton a few months ago, I've always greeted everyone with a different impression.

     The man, perfecting his gorgeous garden in an orderly manner, waved his gloved hand, "Morning, Keu!"

     A young, brunette girl in a discolored white and ragged dress approached me and tugged on my hand. I knelt down and embraced her, "What's going on today, sweetie?"

     "Muh mommah's got some erranns for yuh," she motioned straight at her mother’s cottage sleepily.

     I was still, it wasn’t normal for her mother to have errands for me. Errands? That can't be good. "I'll meet you up at your place as soon as possible. Go tell mommy now, okay?" I smiled as I watched her run off. Her name is Serenity. She has been a mildly poor girl, alongside her mother ever since her father had died in a recent war with Black Spirits, creatures of all forms associated with the dark world trained and blood-thirsty for human removal. Whenever I see her, I can't help but feel sorry for her and her mother.

     My smile faded.


Tina Thach is a young, high school artist from California. She believes her art can one day make a difference in her family's life.


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