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IN Short 2012

by IN Short

Sometimes schedules get in the way of things we want to do. Last week, The Inclusive featured twenty short fiction pieces. While they varried in form (hard-boiled detective stories, sci-fi boardroom horrors, introspective romances, urban tragedies, and on and on) they did all manage to share a very high quality through out. So if you were busy on vacation in the Andies, taking part in orientation, or on that peyote bender you've been planning for months now, here's your opportunity to check out all of the submisisons for IN Short, arranged just for you, sir or ma'am.

And just because IN Short is over, that doesn't mean we don't want to publish your work! All writers (or friends thereof) send an email to submissions [at] with the subject "Short Story." 

A big thank you to IN staffer Sarah Shanfield (Twitter/IN author page), who came up with this idea and saw it through in wonderful form. Kudos also go out to Jason Strawsburg (Twitter) who helped come up with the final list of pieces. 






     "A Half Bottle In I Will Promise You This"

     by Whitney Johnson





     "The Great Vacation"

     by Tyler Menzel





     "The Man"

     by Matt Lubchansky





     "Headmaster Ritual"

     by Mark Asch 






     "Empty A's"

     by Sean Curry





     "I Want To Critique the Ever-Loving Shit Out of Being Home with a Broken Heart"

     by Kevin Grijalva






     by Kelly Syring






     by Andrew Waite







     "Freedom Rising"

     by Sarah Shanfield





     "Retirement Home"

     by Mike Anton





     "Get That Money"

     by John Welsh






     by Casey Berger







     "All The Lies Fit to Print"

     by Walter Burns






     by Dave Emerson





     "Urban Garden"

     by David Wendt






     by Jaya Saxena







     by Tina Thach






     by Kasia Pilat





     "Mr. Ferry's Green"

     by Zack Poitras





     "The House at the Bottom of the Hill"

     by Bryan Lowry




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IN Short is The Inclusive's annual short fiction week, featuring work from staff writers and contributors. Check the author page to see more contributions for IN Short.